Friday, December 21, 2012

WHAT Question from America... What are you doing all day?

WHAT Question from America...
What are you doing all day?

This answer will change in a few weeks but as of now: I roam around a lot! The only things on my list of "to dos" is eat and sleep. So- I have to fill my time with whatever I want. I know it sounds like a mini vacation but Peace Corps has suggested we take this time to integrate into the village, which is exhausting.
I have been to Matai and women Committee  meetings, so much church, singing practice, (each will get their own blog) ceremonies and a lot of uncomfortable meetings/ dinners. I go to the Pastor's house a lot for lunch or to help weave mats.
My "yoga" room
Hanging with my sisters watching movies.

On my downtime I go running, do yoga (of course), read A LOT, write in my journal, blog to you and I love to hang with my sisters. We are going on walks, watching movies and volleyball.

I hangout at some of the shops just to meet more people in the village. My mind is always overwhelmed with what is going on in my life and if I am not too careful I can get really down at missing home or missing my comfortable life back in the states. It can get lonely here, especially because of lack of communication it is rare I have a deep conversation with someone. It can be so easy to just lock yourself in your room and get away from everyone during this transitional stage.  However- I know that is probably the last thing you should do. I am trying to get involved as much as I can and distract myself, it has been working really well so far and I know it will get easier once school starts.

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