Monday, December 17, 2012

Cyclone Evan updates (more photos)

Apia seems to be picking itself up very quickly! Walked around the town and  saw everyone is still smiling. People are even rebuilding and it has only been a day since it happened... I guess there isn't much else to do other than start over. Here are some photos of the devastation, including the Peace Corps office!
We cleaned the Peace Corps Office today and it felt SOOO good to actually do something other than sit around rotting in the hotel. The hotel's water was being shut on and off and still no power. Bucket showers were even limited!
Poor Brad, worst timing ever to be sick with a stomach virus. I think he counted using the bathroom since we got here over 30 times... Which included hauling dirty water from the pool up three flights of stairs to be able to flush the toilet. Count your blessings my friends!

How I survived Cyclone Evan:
Chocolate and cranker for my phone
Writing by candle light.

During Cyclone Evan:

First floor of the hotel we stayed at.
Karen bringing us food

The Aftermath: 

Peace Corps Office
Always smiling!

Red Cross Photos:
Michelle and Alison
entering date
Brad, Kate and Madi sorting through clothes

Becca, Kate, Ally, Brad and Madi ready to work

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  1. It's so scary to think you went through this tragedy and yet it feels like you were meant to experience it. Rather it was to offer comfort, pitch in and help, understand devastation first hand or be filled with gratitude, this was meant to be a part of your experience. So grateful you survived and gracefully at that!