Friday, December 21, 2012

WHAT question from America... What is your family like?

WHAT question from America...
What is your family like?

I love my family! If there wasn't so much adoption, random family visiting for long periods of time or kid freedom it would only be me, my mom and one sister...But, that is not the case. I have one sister (Mele) who I am very fond of! We do everything together and she is really good at speaking English too. She is 19 years old and I feel very lucky to have her with me.
My other sister is adopted. Her mom decided to run away with another man and she did not want to go. So my mom adopted her, not sure how official adoption is here. She is 16 years old and a bit shy.
Kid freedom- I have two brothers... again, kinda. They are the kids that roam free. Both their families live here in the village but they stay here. I am not sure why exactly. I think my mom takes care of them really well and their parents don't. Least, that is the just of what I got. Conversations are never detailed. She told me one of them, Daniel, is skinny when he lives at home and his school fees do not get paid.
Random family- Right now my Uncle from New Zeland is staying with us. I think he will only be here for a month and then go back home. I am not really sure.
My mom and I have an interesting relationship. She speaks enough English for us to have a conversation but not an in-depth one. I know she is funny because whenever we are around other people she is always making them laugh.
I love my family and I am so happy to have them. I was hoping I would be living with a family, more protection, easier to get involved and just nice to have people around that care about you. I feel very lucky to have them!

Mele and I waking up for the 2 am bus.

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