Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas without family

Christmas without Family

My Christmas Tree! 
I have been away from family before on Christmas... However, this Christmas was probably the best Christmas away from family I have ever had! I sent out a text to the other PCV saying, "We are only here for two Christmas Celebrations so try to not be sad and just enjoy the new traditions! (Something like that) and I meant it. Yes we will miss out on Christmas but we get to enjoy Christmas in Samoa! That is rare and something to be excited about.

On Christmas Eve I went to the village's Youth Group Christmas program and it was a fun production  There was a lot of singing and skits (like most celebrations  only this time it was Christmas songs and Christmas skits. Course they had me dance and I did my best which is not saying much. I got home really late but that did not stop me from doing something special to remind me of Christmas at home. I have a tapestry of a tree hanging in my room and I decided to decorate it like a Christmas tree. I cut out and colored ordainment  candy canes, lights, snowflakes and a star and safety pinned them to my tree. I was up until  ! It was a lot of fun!!
The main store on Savai'i
The next day, Christmas Day!, we went to church for an hour to read the Bible (in Samoan) about the birth of Jesus Christ and I had a Christmas lunch with my Pastor. It was a lunch from the resort down the street and actually really good.
My pastor and wife asked me to go to the Salelologa, the main city on Savai'i, with them to go shopping... Last place I really want to be on Christmas Day, I worked in a grocery store and I know over the holidays it is exhausting just to be there but I went and it was busy. Course.

Ti Family
Once I got home I received a phone call from Lynn, her family is visiting from America and wanted to know if I could join them for the day. Her family hasn't visited in 5 years! Time was on my side with that! So I went to Palagi world. We went to the beach up the street and looked at an old mill her father used to work at. After we went to their home and had a Christmas dinner. Steak, potatoes, green beans and of course lobster  They butchered the cow themselves and said how it did not taste the best... Are you kidding me?? I hadn't had real meat in about three months! I swear it was the best steak I had ever eaten!!
One of her son's then played the guitar and we all sang American Christmas songs until midnight. Normally you cuddle up next to the fireplace but I was cuddling with the air conditioning the whole time. (Air conditioner even! Oh my). I felt like I was apart of a family there, even though I did not know them very well and it made it really easy to be away from home. One Christmas down and only one more to go.

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