Saturday, December 15, 2012

My First Package!

My first package!!
I think my American Dad believes I am living in the most undeveloped country on this planet by the over amount of support he has given me... Over is probably not the correct word, especially since I appreciate it but I get asked constantly from him what he can send me. I told him I do not NEED anything, which is true, still 2 months later it is true but I WANT this or that or this and that. I asked him to send me stuff I can give away to others, mainly my host family. It arrived in perfect timing because I had to give gifts to my host family to say goodbye to them and to thank them for their hospitality over the last 10 weeks.
I asked for toys for the little ones and oh boy did he deliver! My American Dad said he went crazy at the store and was "so damn excited" to send it to me. I was JUST as excited, if not MORE EXCITED to get it!
My FAVORITE brother 
My host sister Maria and I

I gave my little sister a doll, which I do not think she has ever had before and was confused what to do with at first. I gave my brother Frisbee. He knows I can not speak Samoan very well so he said, "Mati (points to the Frisbee) Alofa! Fa'fati!" then gives me a huge hug!! It was so cute and rewarding. (Alofa means love, Fa'fati means thank you). My Samoan Father wanted me to pass the message along to my American Dad, "Thank you John Rhodes for the gifts to my family. Your daughter is safe by me, my village and God will look after her here in Samoa." Just passing along the message dad!
Maria, Mareko, my host siblings with my host dad, Utu and friend Ma'a

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