Saturday, December 15, 2012

New Site in Savai'i!!

New site! Savai'i
Eating a Samoan cookie in Samoa.
On the way to Savai'i
My new site is on the other main island and takes me 2 buses and 1 boat to get to the city. About a... 6-7 hour trip.
The past few days we all went to our permanent  sites for a site visit. It was rough at first to not be around ANY of the people I have been around for 24/7.
I was away from my training village, host family and TPCV friends. My new family seems great and I already love my school!
My school needs help and they seem to be excited about having a Peace Corps Volunteer, which is very important to me. I have heard some horror stories from other volunteers about becoming a "tea bitch" and I am NOT going to let that happen.
Some Volunteers have their own houses either on a family's property or their own.. I will be living in a room inside a family's house. I would be happy either way!
My village is bigger than the training village and full of lava rocks. I do not have a beach close to my house, (and by close I mean the beach is a ten minute walk and it is not in my backyard like the last one) which is the ONLY thing I am bothered about nor do I have running water. I will be taking bucket showers for the next 2 years. (I am not sure how I will get my drinking water yet but I am not worried and neither should you be!)
Don't hate the player! Hate the game!
My mom seems wild and a lot of fun. She loves to play Bingo! I went with her and won 3 times in 1 game! Now they all think I am such a lucky palogi!
Poor Zach and Brad. Struggling on the boat.
I have two sisters and at the moment I can not remember their names. They both seem very sweet. I tried to talk with the 19yr old. She stays at home all day and takes care of the house/watches the house while the mom and I are working at the school. I tried to ask her questions about herself but I only got dead end answers. "What movies do you life?" "Do you like to read books?" "What do you do during the day?" Do you ever go to Bingo?" She speaks great English but her life is seriously only in the home. Zakk (another Volunteer) told me to ask her what her favorite thing to clean is. Ha ha I think I will try that next. As I was leaving she was on the phone and I asked who she was talking to, she looked around for her mom and whispered, "my boyfriend" DING DING DING! Perfect! Something to talk about for when I come back! Boys are always easy to talk about.
I am very very excited to get started at my site! I can not wait to return and begin my official two years!

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