Sunday, December 16, 2012

Last week before Graduation!

Last week before Graduation
We are in Apia and "living large!" We have air conditioning in our rooms AND hot water!!! Living the high life WATCHOUT!
It is Saturday night so some of us decided to go out.I was very very tired from our emotional morning but still wanted to enjoy Apia and I heard there was a place for NACHOS!!! Sadly the place was out of beef, something common here.
Russian Cruise Ship in town
Light me up! YUM! 
There is a huge cruise ship in town traveling the world. I think it is actually called, "Around the World" We met some wild Russians. Their smokes they had had a very strange picture on the box. I am not sure if they sell them like that in the states yet but I really liked it! I hope all smokes look like this soon.
The Russians did not speak English and obviously we do not speak Russian nor did they speak Samoan so... our conversations were very very very limited. Still it was so much fun! I did learn how to count to ten in Russian (forgotten by morning) and had an entertaining time trying to communicate with them. The 5 of us that went out had a blast! It is the last week before we swear in..
Random Russian friend
Don't drink the beer
Brad, Michelle and Allyson
Swearing in is a huge deal! We all got material to match and asked to be apart of the program by performing a Samoan dance we all learned.Our families from the village will be there. I am excited to see them! After we will have one day to finish our last minute needs with shopping and be shipped off to our official sites! We have all worked so hard I can not WAIT for the Ceremony!! People say training is the hardest part of Peace Corps and I really hope that is true now that it is over. We have all worked so hard and have gone through so much! I have done a lot of things but this was probably the most consistent chaos I have ever had in my life. I am very excited to be sworn in and then I will be an official Peace Corps Volunteer!!

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