Saturday, December 15, 2012

Cultural Day

 Cultural Day
Chicken killin time
I read about it, I knew it was happening but I did not believe it was true. Ladies and Gentlemen... During culture day- I, Madisen Rhodes, killed a chicken. Now, did I kill this chicken by shooting it? Chopping off its head? No. No I did not kill it the easy close my eyes and let it happen way. But I choked it. I strangled a chicken and held its feather's down so it would not flap all around. Luckily I did not have to kill the pig (GO BRAD!).
The day was intense but so fun and very educational!

Things I did enjoy doing-
Husking a coconut, or attempting to, by attempting I mean it took me over 10 minutes to do it.
Shaving a coconut.
Making ava.
Stacking rocks, wood and leaves to make an oven. (An awesome oven!)
Weaving a basket from coconut leaves.
Shaving taro.
Hardest part!! Peeling bananas with Kiri, Brad and my mom, Ana.
Peeling bananas... Okay I know what you are thinking. Peeling bananas- Who need to learn how to do that. I can do that job. NO! No you cannot just "do that job!" It was the hardest thing I did. Probably harder than killing that chicken! I was sticky and they were so ripe that they just would NOT peel! Even with the cool knife I had. The knife was like a dagger straight from a tree. Super sharp. I kept piercing through the banana or not cutting it correctly to where it would just fall apart. Something that sounds so simple was not worth the chore to be able to eat it.
The umu we made from scratch
The meal we all prepared was probably the freshest meal I have ever ate! The chicken/pig was raised here, running around freely, the fish was just caught that morning, taro and bananas were picked from the plantations and the oven, called an umu, was even made straight from the ground up!
All days work for one giant meal! Really helps us appreciate our meals the families provide for us a lot more!

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