Saturday, December 15, 2012

Training in a Coconut Shell

Training in a Coconut Shell
I LOVED training! Overall it was amazing! Language was probably the toughest part for me. I passed my test though! I have never learned 2nd language before and I am taking it one day at a time. Doing eight hours a day of straight language would get anyone to go crazy but we all made it and passed!!
Technical training I really enjoyed. We got to go into the schools and practice teaching. Technical training was like a 4 year teaching degree being put into four weeks. INTENSE! So many activities and PowerPoint and presentations and loooooooooooong hours! 
"Advanced" Year 5 & 6
"At Risk" Year 7 & 8 
"At risk" year 3 & 4
Favorite/Worst day with teaching
My favorite day was also the worst day I had with teaching. The students were not grasping my lesson, the language barrier was too extreme and so I panicked. I panicked and sped the lesson up instead of slowing down. However- I learned from it AND the Samoan teacher after asked me for my lesson plan and whether she could have my materials. It was not the lesson I planned that was bad but the speed I taught it. I felt very complemented when she asked for my lesson! 
Last day!
Teaching the students was a lot of fun though! Got me very excited to start going into the groove of things and do it on my own. Cultural training, which was throughout the entire training, was interesting. A lot of the information I would have never though and am grateful to know. For example: When I visit my new family for the first time, it is expected for me to bring them a gift and my school. I need to be careful not to offend someone like pointing my feet at them, always best to sit with my legs folded. A lot of rules and advice. We were told to be weary and careful not to be taken advantage of. The best thing I think we were told about Culture was to observe and show the village you are trying your best.
A lot of training was how to fill out this form, rules for leaving our site, what to do if you get really sick. Some of the training was what we would be going through emotionally and how to deal with it. The best advice I got from training was to ask myself, "Can I do this one more day?" That advice has stuck with me all ten weeks and I am thinking I will keep it on my mind for the next two years. 

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