Saturday, December 15, 2012

Tourist Stuff Part One

Tourist stuff Part 1
Finally did something touristy! We have been here three weeks and we haven't dared left the village, or had much time. We took a car to the Trench Tosua, so beautiful!It is a blow hole that the top blew off and now people go and swim in it, only during low tide. During high tide you can get thrown around and cash into the rocks. It was SO fun! On the list of places to bring people that visit ;) Hint hint
The other "tourist" thing we do is go to the resort "Hideaway." It is a twenty minute walk from our training village. The beach is the same there as it is in my backyard but there we are not being constantly watched from our families. Just a nice place to get away for a bit.
Allyson and I at Hide Away Resort
Becca and I at Hide Away Resort
Me at the Trench

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