Friday, December 21, 2012

WHAT Questions From America... Part Two

WHAT Questions from America part two

Unpacked my room!
I have moved to my official site! I love Savai'i. It is so beautiful here and the people in my new village are great! I live almost as far away from the Capital Apia as possible. The first night in my new room I did not sleep well. I tossed and turned and my brain was going 1000000 miles an hour. I could not sleep! Probably the worst nights sleep I have had since I got here and when I work up I was determined for it not to happen again.
With one of my many thoughts I had I realized this was not my place yet. I spent the entire day unpacking my room and even rearranged it to my liking. My mom was impressed I was able to move my bed alone and probably thought it was a bit weird.
I slept a bit better that night but still not fully rested. It took me three days of doing nothing but feeling like I was in Zombie mode all the time until I realized I needed to venture out in the village. I told my mom I wanted to get to know some of the neighbors  After that I was invited to a Matai meeting, woman's committee meeting, the Pastor's house, Bingo and actually started to get involved in the village. I am now sleeping SO much better! I am leaving for my training village for New Years this weekend and I am surprisingly a tiny bit sad to leave my village so soon. I already am starting to feel like home here and I know it is going to keep growing and growing every day.

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