Saturday, December 22, 2012



There are two ways to get water here.
My shower/ bathtub/ sink/ washing machine
The pipes: Which is used for to shower with, clean the dished and wash the clothes. Our water is turned on during certain times of the day for us to do our washing. We have a running pipe in our shower but do not use it as a shower. My family has a big barrel under the pipe to be filled up when the water is on. We clean ourselves with the water for the barrel and a pitcher to pour it on ourselves. It is always cold, ALWAYS. Sometimes it's nice because of how hot it is here. In the mornings it is a bit harder to handle but every time it is a good way to wake you up!
Rain tank

Water tank: This is what all families use for drinking water. It is not filtered. Just a huge tank that collects water from the rain. The tank has a cover on it so leaves and dirt doesn't get inside as easily. To collect water from the rain it has a pipe from the roof and the water drains from the gutters into the tank. PC suggests we don't drink from it, if the gutters aren't clean then neither is the water. (Bugs, dirt, bird droppings). PC has given us water filters, always getting taken care of with our basic needs!
Sometimes you get put into a situation where you have to drink the water they give you. Well... you don't HAVE to but it's one of the awkward moments where it would be rude to turn it down. So- rain gutter bird poop bug dirt water has been in my system and thus so far I am still alive! I think I am going to have the strongest stomach when I return home.

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