Friday, May 31, 2013

Navy Time!

The American Navy came to visit Samoa for about a month. It was a blast to hang out with other Americans!I was invited out to dinners, parties and even a special event on the Navy ship.
Navy ship
The event was for the Pacific Partnership 2013 opening. It was amazing being able to dress up fancy, be wined and dined and feel like an American for a night! It was a nice reminder to be able to talk about what we as Peace Corps are doing here and interesting to hear the Navy experience here as well.
I got in touch with a friend at the Embassy to see what he Navy could do for my school.
Water Tanks!
Adrain and myself
The Navy brought two water tanks and a sink!
The school was so happy and had a fiafia (party) for them the day they left. We had a big meal for them, songs, dances and a speech thanking them for their supplies, hard work and time.
Captain Eddie
One of the Navy men, Adrien, told me it was one of the most humbling experiences he has ever had.
"I've traveled a lot and have done similar work in most of the countries I visit, never have I felt so honored and humble."
The Navy were a great help to this country and amazing at taking care of us Peace Corps.
Party time with the Navy!
There is a lot of aid given to Samoa, signs everywhere saying where it came from or who supplied it. One thing about the US Military is they do not leave anything behind "proving" their existence. No signs or plaque just their hard work and dedication to getting the job done.
Thank you! Thank you for helping my school, my students and my new country. You might not have any physical proof that it was you who helped us but we will never forget you!!

Fancy dinner party on the boat
Fighting with love!