Saturday, December 15, 2012


Allyson, Ally, Me, Lina and Michelle making Halloween faces. 
Samoa does not celebrate Halloween. They have White Sunday, Children's Day instead. A Holiday for kids only with singing and dancing instead of trick-or-treating. However some of them do get ice cream or candy.
I love Halloween! I could not ignore the first American Holiday just because I was in Samoa. Some of the girls and I wore Halloween colors to school and then after dressed up like hippies.
Score card! 

CoCo Bowl O' Ween!
Which isn't enough for me still. SO- I thought we should all go bowling. We filled up water bottles with sand and bowled with coconuts right on the beach.

It was so perfect! The sunset was amazing! None of us cared about the LPI (Language Test) we were studying for, the stress we may have gotten from our new home or the emotions that are constantly weighing on us... All we cared about was rolling that coconut fast/hard enough to knock down the sandy "pins" There was not enough time to get a winner but I think we all felt pretty great by the time
we were done. I am keeping the score card and maybe throughout our two years we will finish our game.

But surprisingly still- that was not enough for me so...  I asked Josh, (another TPCV) if he was down to prank the others with me. We snuck out around 1 am and toilet papered other Volunteer's Fales!
We got 3!! The village sleeps in open fales... people are sleeping outside of our porches! I do not know HOW we pulled it off but we did! Only waking up one person and somehow explains in English/little little little Samoan what we were doing and she ended up helping us!!!
I was worried I would offend the village with the idea of wasting toilet paper and I was advised it would be okay and the village would find it funny. It really lightened up the village's spirits I think along with most of the Volunteers. It was a perfect village Halloween!

Fale O' Peta (which we call the palace)
1 am prank!
(Sorry Josh, your face is cut)
Fale O' Michelle

Fale O' Brad from
my Fale O's window