Saturday, December 15, 2012

WHAT Question from America... What do you eat?

WHAT Question from America...
What do you eat?

Foods... hmmm.. I can go so many ways with this. I will start with the most surprising things I have eaten... Top Roman. Yup. Out of everything I have eaten I never expected to have this here, especially for breakfast. Samoans do not typically eat breakfast so my mother did not know what to serve me. Top Roman was her choice and it was the only thing I recognized so I ate it and still to this very morning as I type this I was served Roman first thing in the morning.
Best breakfast ever!!

I really like Taro. Most the Volunteers hate it. It is just like a thicker potato plant and at times served with coconut cream. I love coconut cream! It makes everything taste better! I eat a lot of things from their plantation when my Tama  visits. Mangos and pineapples are awesome! Never liked pineapple until Samoa. I've heard from a lot of people, "Oh you just haven't had GOOD pineapple." That was true, now I have had GOOD pineapple and it is amazing!! I get a lot of fruit! Fresh fruit too! I got watermelon the other day, which later my mom told me how much it was. Apples are a lot too. 80 cents for one. Every time I've gotten it though it is worth the 80 cents! I eat rice, fresh eggs and some days I get spaghetti sandwiches! Just imagine spaghetti O's on bread. If I am lucky it is toasted! My Tina knows I like green beans and carrots. I get a lot of chicken and green beans which the beans are straight from the plantation. She is giving me seeds to take to my new village so I can have them there. She is so so sweet!! The chicken here is awesome! They have two kinds of chicken here, Samoan chicken and the "other kind." I asked the difference and whenever I get "Samoan chicken" I think it means a family's chicken from their home instead of the store. Not too sure if that is correct or not.
 Oh I've had some "salad," cabbage with crab and mayo for dressing. When I manage to scrape most of the mayo off it is really good! The crab here is pretty cheap and obviously really really good! The fish here is also as fresh as you can get. Overall my diet is pretty healthy. At times I am only served carbs on carbs with a bag of chips but that has been happening less and less when they notice I don't eat as much those nights.

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