Friday, October 5, 2012

Orientation Day

So much information today! Most of it was common sense but all of it was needed. We went over rules, fears, ice breakers and all the things you would expect from an orientation day. It reminded me of orientation from college. A lot of uncertainty, new people, unanswered questions and every once in while you start to yawn... even though you know this information is important!
Group 84!! (Minus one person) 
I met my 12 new friends and they are all so amazing! Spunky and outgoing, probably why we all get along. This seems like a positive group and extremely supportive which I know we are all going to need sometime during this adventure. I am just lounging around in the hotel lounge waiting until we are ready. I did not think I would ever lounge in a hotel but we are already checked out and my options are limited. So- lounging in the lounge I shall!
The beds are sleep number beds! Sounded like a vacuum when getting pumped up. The hotel is really nice. There it is also a Bikram Fall Training happening here. Bikram does his training class in this hotel twice a year. I went and took a peak in the large Bikram Yoga Room that is used for training, it is the just the hotel's ballroom and they keep the doors closed, crank the heat and pretty much turned it into a sauna... Oh boy it stinks! I researched into the training months ago thinking about getting certified. Crazy how I could have been at this very hotel at the exact same time as now but only on a whole other journey. I could have been lounging in this very lounge talking to Volunteers, telling them, "Oh cool ... I looked into doing that." Instead, I am on the side speaking to the Yogis! I feel I have made the right decision and when I get back... who knows, maybe I will be on the opposite side one day talking to future peace corps volunteers saying, "Oh ya! I did that!"


  1. Group 84 sounds wonderful and with you in the mix...Samoa is in for one very positive impact!

    Love your coincidental what could have been story. As you know, the fact that you act on your good intentions is one of my favorite qualities about you! Instead of having a lifetime of "I looked in to that once" you already have a very young 23 years of "Oh ya. I did that!" moments. The biggest one yet with the best of intentions is now before you and I'm so excited to hear each step along the way!

  2. I totally agree with your Aunt Kim. I love that you follow through with things that you say "I should do that". It's amazing what you have done in your short 23 years and I can't wait to see what you accomplish as you get more of those years behind you. This is just one more (as Kim said) "Oh ya, I did that" achievements. AWESOME! I'm so proud of you little one.

  3. I bet you felt right at home being at an orientation :)

  4. Aunt Kim and Mom- I am only getting started! Thanks for being so supportive with my decisions!
    Mrs. Jarrett!!!- Yes I felt right at home, only I was not the one in charge which felt a little off ;)