Friday, October 12, 2012

Skipping a day

Time to put it back on the bus!

WOW! It was such an insane event to get all 13 of us to Samoa. I am so grateful we have such a small small group. The other group had 30 of them. 30?
Everyone left for the hotel at 6 pm, the airport is less than 8 minutes away... First, the bus driver took us to the wrong terminal. We are suppose to go to the international terminal and some reason that is not where the driver took us. So after 80% of the bags were unloaded from the bus (there are still 43 Volunteers, with around 100 pounds of luggage each) someone realized we were at the wrong place and all the bags got loaded back on. 
This is what we caused! Line out the door!!
Once we waited in line to check in (busy airport) we finally reach the front of the line and there is a security problem. We were not allowed to check in! We had a one way ticket and airports do not like that without a valid reason. They did not ask for the correct documentation and we did not know what to give them. After a bunch of back and fourths we figured out they needed a letter from the government giving approval and luckily it was given to us before we left the hotel..
Checking bags was also chaotic! We all knew about the 50 pounds per bag and the first bag is free. We all had a second bag but the Government gave us documentation for that so we would not have to pay. I am not sure if all the people at the desks were new or not but it was more confusing than it needed to be and the poor lady who was in charge did NOT seem happy with all the problems. There are 43 Volunteers going through the airport at this time, just that number alone would make a long line. I felt bad if anyone was late or in a hurry.
There is one guy in my group that got stopped at EVERY check point. Poor guy. Brad brought his guitar and his own cash knowing he was going to have to pay for the extra item himself. Some reason there was a problem when we were checking in with the weight, then there was a problem when we went through security. Next we are in New Zeland (where the sign tells you to either go to your Gate or Relax... pretty awesome) and have to go through security again... poor Brad, getting stopped and searched.
We finally made it through!
Once we are in Samoa we have to go through customs... Guess whose luggage was stopped and wanted to be checked... Brad had a good attitude the whole time. I know him bringing the guitar will be worth it but man oh man was it a pain for him! 
First thing I saw in Samoa.
Luckily on the actual plane ride I was able to sleep for over 6 hours. I folded up the best way that I could, took my dryer sheet feeling pillow and went right to sleep.
 Over 24 hours of traveling and we lost a day because of the time zone. 
When it is Saturday morning at 4 am here (which is the time I wrote all my blogs) then it is Friday 8 am in Utah. I am 20 hours ahead of Utah time. 
Once landing and stepping out of that plane feeling the perfect weather and seeing the palm trees, I think the 24 hour travel time was so worth it! 


  1. Gotta love the airports. Madi - I don't think it is me that is bad luck with the security thing - I think it is only when I travel with you do I (and apparently other people) get stopped. Hmmm.... no more traveling with you??? No - I think you're worth the trouble.

  2. Wow! What an insane 24 hours. I felt like I was experiencing the chaos right there with you. You really are gifted with the pen (er, um, keyboard)! Who would have thought joining the Peace Corp would give you a chance to expand your journalism talents :-) I love that you view the crazy day as a small price to pay to land in paradise!

  3. Mom- If it is just me than I must have gotten it from somewhere.
    Aunt Kim- I would have done it ten more times if I had to to be here!