Friday, October 12, 2012

Only ten more to go!

Outside our training room
Week one of training is now complete! Wow wow wow! At the end of every day I think, "that happened this morning? It is only _____day? This day felt SOOOOOOOOO long." Because so much happens in a day! However- now that it is Friday I think, "Wait, we are done with our first week already? This week has gone by SOOOOOOOOOOO fast!" It is like a lot has happened and I can not believe it has been a week already but at the same time.. I question- I have only been here a week? 
If you do not understand from that, I guess you just do not get to understand what I am trying to say.
Because this is my first blog since I landed in Samoa I will try to put down as much information as I can....
When we got off the plane it was just instant paradise  The Samoan "paparazzi" was there (meaning two photographers), we had a beautiful PC sign waiting for us and a lot of the staff greeted us giving us these beautiful flowers that smelt AMAAAAAAAAZING!!!!!!! The flowers were so strong nobody could even tell we hadn't shower in over 30 hours from traveling. 
Our greeting once we landed!
Check it out

Wooden bus!
We rode a wooden bus into town to our hotel and to be honest I barely remember the first day. We were all so tired and exhausted. I do remember the bus ride into town though because everything amazed us. The whole group was excited to see the church (which I now see one every few steps) we were excited to see the cute youngsters running around in their birthday skin and excited to wave to EVERY one that was staring and boy do I mean everyone. We kept reminding each other, "Hey guys, we live in Samoa. Hey guys, see that beach? Ya that beach that is next to the road, we live here." It was a lot of fun and very positive. This whole group seems very positive. But then again- Hello? Who wouldn't feel that way after landing in Samoa!?
 My brain hurts with a lot of information. We got to hang out with Group 83 tonight. It was a lot of fun and a much needed break. They told us horror stories, life meaningful stories and answered A LOT of questions. They were really really great. The put on an amazing performance for us tonight, including introductions, Samoan traditional dances and a fire dancer! Plus great food and who can complain about that?? 


  1. It's so fun to hear your enthusiasm over the sights and sounds of Samoa! Love the descriptions, photos, and feeling your good energy over 5,000 miles away! Thanks for letting us kick off your journey with you!

  2. Thank for being apart of it!!
    More to come I promise! :)