Friday, October 12, 2012

Cell phone

Here is the scope with the cell phone! 
Calling me is free for ME, texting me is free for ME and... well that is it. If you do send me a text, please know that I got it. I got your text, I LOVE your text but I sadly cannot always reply. I will actually rarely reply but please know that I want to hear from you (FRIENDS AND FAMILY), even if it is just a simple "Hello enjoy the day." If you do not have my number- there are people you know that have my number. Facebook is your friend. Also - You can put credit on my phone! It costs me 20 cents to text you and 1 tala (tala means dollar) per minute to call you. Roughly 2 American dollars equals 1 tala. So if you put 10 American dollars on my phone, I can call you and talk for 20 minutes. 
The website is
Hope to hear from you all soon!!!! 

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