Monday, September 24, 2012

Always loved roller coasters!

WOW! Less than a week from today I move from Cedar City to Salt Lake to begin my new life! Booking my flight, I think was what made this a reality for me. I leave for Salt Lake this Sunday, L.A on Thursday and then Samoa on Friday! Every day, minute and second goes by so fast. People keep asking me how I am feeling. Are you nervous? Are you excited? Are you scared? Almost every emotion possible is how I feel throughout the day.
When I talk to certain friends and family members about saying goodbye I am sad and can get very depressed. I know there is a way to fix this sadness, I do not have to go. But I want to go. I want to leave. I need to be sad for the day or that moment. Let me cry and be upset. I know the emotion will pass.
When I read people's blogs that are already in Samoa, or send e-mails back and forth to my new Peace Corps friends I get excited! The time cannot go by quick enough for I am ready to meet these incredible new people and get going on my training!
When I get my finances in order, car, phone, quitting my jobs or when I think about packing, do I want to bring my laptop, cell phone, this shirt, that shirt, books, shoes, camera, what bag do I use.. is when I become overwhelmed and I just want to go to sleep.
I have talked to other Peace Corps Volunteers and I know I am not alone. I love that no matter who we are, where we are from or how we got involved in the Peace Corps, we are all going through the same emotions. We are all maybe just a tiny bit nervous to get started, we are all sad to leave, we are all overwhelmed and I am sure we are all so so so soo excited!
Riding roller coasters are fun, but they are a lot more fun when you are going with someone, or even better with a group! I could not have ridden this emotional roller coaster alone! Thank you Group # 83 for being there to give me advice before I leave! Group # 84, thank you! You have already been there for me more than you know! I am so excited to meet you all!!


  1. It's so funny that you say "I become overwhelmed and I just want to go to sleep." I hadn't really pinpointed it until this moment- but that's totally where I end up too. I have SO many things I need/want to do but I have to take them one at a time or I accomplish nothing. haha

    I'm excited to meet you all too, Madi! Best of luck until we get to LA!! =]

  2. Ah!!! Talk about it feeling real...Madi's blog!  It's hard to believe this is where I'll be checking regularly to hear about your most amazing roller coaster ride EVER!  As I read your mixed emotions I feel so inspired and proud of the commitment you've made! I brag about you and your choice to serve a mission in alignment with your core being all of the time. You've listened to your inner voice...keep listening and taking council in your new amazing friends and the adventure will grow in to something you never imagined possible!