Friday, October 12, 2012


10 weeks 10 weeks 10 weeks!! No internet for 10 weeks!! BUT- I will have my phone :)
Tomorrow we are leaving for the training village!
This village sounds so intense! This village is part of the lower class in Samoa. I think the PC wants us to train here for any worst case scenarios. I will be showering in an open shower... no walls, no privacy. I do not actually shower naked, I have to wear a lavalava. EEK!! I have to wrap a towel around my shoulders (even though I pretty much have a towel around my whole body), until I get to this open shower. I can then remove the towel around my shoulders and only my shoulders and below my knees will show while showering and that is it! We actually watched a trainer shower today... She showered in front of us and we saw nothing. She was clean and it was like magic! I can not believe I have to do that!! How exciting! Luckily just during training in case we have to in our own village, like when the water is just not working that month or my family's pipe broke. 
We will have little electricity and I guess my host family will be dressing me every day. Especially for White Sunday, which is Children's Day. How cute is that! Children's Day! Not Mother's Day or Father's Day but Children's Day!! It is a big event and Holiday here. I am very excited to meet my host family and I know they are excited to meet me.
We will be in the village for ten weeks, at the end of the training I will be sworn in.Next update you get I will be more fluent in Samoan, hopefully integrated into my village and can announce myself as a Peace Corps Volunteer! Until then- Tofa! 


  1. Ahhh! So much to absorb. New language, new ways of doing things, even new holidays. I'm exhausted and excited for you just hearing about them all. I'll miss your blog posts but am excited for you to emerge again as an official Peace Corp Volunteer!

  2. Your adventure sounds so amazing already! Miss you!......Alese