Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

They do not celebrate Valentine's Day here in Samoa, I know it is a made up Holiday for money but I still could not ignore the fact it was a Holiday.
I always have a crush or a boyfriend or SOMETHING on Valentine's Day, this year was totally different that I have ever celebrated before and I loved it!
My "private" beach! 
My Valentine's Day was awesome! After school I went to the beach and did a bunch of Yoga, laid in the sun and walked in the water. I rode my bike(!!!) too.
Real food! 
In my Yoga practice I sent love out to the world, everyone I know and cared about along with sending love to myself. Ya know, as a dear friend would put it, "all that hippy shit." But- it made me feel better and it WAS Valentine's Day after all, figured I should do something for my Valentine.
The sun was warm but not too hot, the water was refreshing and my mind felt peaceful.
Later that night I went to dinner with some friends at a resort near my village. Yummmm real food! It was delicious!
So whether you realized it or not I was thinking of YOU on Valentine's Day.
*Be mine! Valentine!*

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  1. Sounds heavenly. I always feel your love but get this...your letters of love to me and my family arrived on Valentines Day!

    Come hell or high water I'm coming to sit on that private beach. What a fabulous picture.