Tuesday, February 19, 2013

If you had one million dollars...

If you had one million dollars...

My friend back home is doing a research project and asked me ask some Samoan teenagers questions.
Before reading the rest of this blog, take an extra minute to think of your own answers...

If you had a million dollars, what would you buy and why?
If three wishes could come true, what would you wish for?
Who is (are) your hero(s), why?
What do you want to be when you "grow up" and how will you get there?
What are some goals in your life and what are you doing to reach these goals?

These answers aren't as depth as I could get because lack of communication.

Lika, 17 yr girl
Million dollars- Build a house in Samoa, buy a car (don't know what kind), give money ($200) to my family and visit the Philippines. I love the Philippines,
I see it in the movies.
Three wishes and why-
Ask for two story house- so it would only be me and my husband and peaceful.
I want money so I can buy more clothes to wear to church and dhores in.
Wish to marry a Filipino, then I don't have to live in Samoa.
(Not sure why she didn't just wish to not live in Samoa...)
Grow up- A weather girl. I will go to school and then the University.
Heroes- and why.
Future husband - He is my lover.
My father- He is the head of my family.
Jesus- He is my savior.
Goals in life- Go to school. Get married. Have a family.
What are you doing to accomplish these goals?
Do the chores so I can be a good wife.

Mele, 19 yr girl
Million dollars- Buy a car and clothes because I want new stuff.
Travel overseas like America and the pacific islands. I want to meet actors and have fun.
Three wishes and why-
Wish my mom's mouth was shut. She wouldn't be nagging all day.
Wish I was a famous person so the whole world would know me and watch my movies.
Be a boy. Boys can do anything they want. They can go to the plantation, play rugby and lift heavy things.
Grow up- A nurse, going to school to get there.
Hero- and why.
My lover- Teach me to XOXO
Pastor- Teaches me lessons from the bible.
God- Father of everyone and can bless us all.
Goal in Life-
I want to be a nurse. I am going to the University.
I want to speak English. I practice everyday. I study my dictionary, listen to music and read the lyrics, read American books and talk to Madi.
I want six children and will practice xoxo every day. HA ha ha ha no don't put that!!!
I wonder if Samoans are not used to being asked to think creatively, outside the box or think for long term (like goal setting). A lot of the answers were my examples because they couldn't think of an answer themselves. I had to ask multiple times in different ways to get THEIR answer instead of my example.
The concept of "Why" was also a challenge. I wonder if Samoans don't think "why" very often. They don't ask out loud why something is the way it is or why they believe/think something.
Their world is based around God, family and life in Samoa. You can tell by their answers these girls are unaware of what else is really out there.
I found their answers interesting and figured I would share.
I don't have any photos that relate so here are some random ones.
This is where I randomly stayed one night.
Typical beach fale view.
Waiting for the bus.
Typical beach fale

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