Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Guava Day

                                       Guave Day                                                     
Fresh lemons

Tea is not just tea in Samoa, sometimes it is referring to a snack with tea, it can be breakfast (like my oatmeal my host mum calls it my morning tea) or it can actually be meaning just tea. My school has "tea" every morning for the students and teachers. It is usually bread with some homemade jam (my neighbor Lynne makes it, from guave, mango,  vi, whatever fruit she can find. YUM!) and if the bread is not bought Lynne makes SOME kind of pastry full of protein to feed the kids. (Coconut biscuits are my favorite with a dab of jam in the middle).
Guava pickins!

After school one day some of Year 7 and 8 asked me to go picking Guava and lemons with them. Guavas are sooo sooo good! I love every part of it, skin, seeds and all!  it was so fun to get out and into the jungle! After we went to Lynne's house and made jam with coconut biscuits for the student's tea. We baked 120 biscuits!
For a reward Lynne took us for a ride in the car and we had a picnic! Pop corn, sandwiches and Koolaid. The Kooliad was sweet and cold, never thought I would be excited to drink Kooliad before. Oh how my taste buds have changed here in Samoa.

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  1. What a fun day! No wonder you stay so busy, you graciously accept every adventure presented to you. The biscuits you made with the girls look yummy and I'm looking forward to biting in to a Samoan guava with you.