Thursday, September 12, 2013

Spelling Bee

Brad, myself and all the top spellers of our district.
Super nervous
Spelling Bee

One of my favorite projects I have done here in Samoa! There are 5 schools in my school. Brad and I went around to all of them and gave a spelling test for 5th to 8th grade. The top 2 students in each grade were able to go to the spelling bee. The kids LOVED the event! We invited parents and more people came than we anticipated.
While I was giving the test in some schools the teachers were telling the students how to spell the words. Luckily that did not happen at the actual spelling bee.
One problem we did run into was the SRO helping us with the event kept giving chances to some of the students. At times one student would get over 3 minutes to try and spell a word. "One more chance," he would say. Then, "What do you think Ms. Mati? I say, once more. One more chance." It was rather funny but the teachers complained about it later.
Hey it that is the ONLY thing they complain about it then I feel it was successful!
While Brad and I were putting the event together the teachers would ask about food and who is going to prepare it. (It's Fa'aSamoa or Samoan tradition to have food at EVERYTHING)
Ms. Mati- it is your program. You must provide the tea. (Tea meaning meal or food).

I told them it is my program so I will provide the event. However, it is their Fa'aSamoa so they must provide the food.
More laughter.
After them grumbling a bit about it in a joking way, I then said the Spelling Bee is for the children, not for their stomachs.
Laughter that ended the discussion. There was no food at the event.
Super creepy Pule

All the students involved got a certificate and a prize for participating. 1st, 2nd and 3rd got bigger prizes and a student at the end I overheard say, "This is awesome!!" in perfect English!
I do not think any of these students have ever been to an event like this. I hope it encourages them to study their English spelling. I know they will tell their friends about the even and will encourage them as well.
Brad and I are going to do the Spelling Bee again next term. Hopefully we will get other Volunteers and Districts involved.
Eventually have a Spelling Bee for the whole island of Savai'i!
My winners
Proud of them all

Some parents who came to watch

The next day at school.
Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place
On our way to the Spelling Bee!

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