Thursday, September 5, 2013

Community Day

Community Day

The purpose of Community Day is for the parents to come and observe what is happening at school and ask teachers how their child is doing in school. I think a lot of schools in Samoa followed that program, however, mine did not.
It was a full day of Samoan skits, songs, dances and turned into a Tausala (charity to raise money). It was a lot of fun of course but... when MESC showed (Ministry of Education) they were very confused. Not surprised but confused.
Some parts of the program was educational. The older students showed what they did for their Science Fair and the younger students sang an educational song in English... past that though it was all dancing and raising money.
The entire week students did not have class and teachers did not teach. The entire week was focused on practicing for Community Day.
My Principal asked me to be in charge of the P.E. and Health section of the program. SO- of course I did yoga. It's funny, at times I have to walk Samoans through their own thinking process. P- "Yes Mati you do the Health and P.E." Me- "Great! So can I start teaching the kids Yoga again?" P- "I think you should start that next term." M- "Okay cool. What day is Community Day?" P- "September 19th." Me- "Nice. Hey what day does Term 4 start?" P- "October 6th. Oi! Mati, you should teach the kids Yoga before next term!!" Ya, I know... She did the same thing with the length she wanted my section to be.
Teaching the kids Yoga again felt really great! The students pick up on it very quickly and I know they enjoy it. It's something new and a great workout for their bodies. Plus I give them at least 3 minutes to settle and breath. I hope it expands their minds for them to look more into it when they are older and I am gone.
The students love Yoga! I teach them a few times a week and at times at my Homework Center. They are so impressive and catch on the poses quick. They make me so proud!
My Teaching staff plus Ake!

Ready for the show
They learned the poses so quick!
Year 7 ad 8 doing Yoga

Science Fair Project
Community Day Schedule

With my Year 7 students

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