Saturday, June 1, 2013

"Birthday the Shit out of this!"

Birthday Jump!
I started my 24th year in this world off right. I jumped off a waterfall! Not just any waterfall but a 50 foot waterfall!
The river hike is something I think anyone who is visiting Samoa and is into intense hiking should do! It is a 3-6 hour hike through a river, climbing up through the trails and 4 falls to jump off of. Each one getting higher than the first.
My mom, Brad, Zach, Chris and I did the hike together while the other PCV marched in the "parade" for Independence Day. ("Parade," meaning, it was an all day wait to walk for 5 minutes with a banner. Oh Samoa).
We all hiked and just the boys and I jumped while my mom took photos and cheered us on.
(However at the end my mom did climb up one fall and jumped through it!! Also scared of heights, go mom!!!)
With each jump I had to go last. I am deathly scared of heights but I do not let it stop me from doing things. I have gotten better over the years and on this hike my eyes did not water once! (well, maybe a little before the last jump but all the sketchy slippery climbs and jumps before I held strong!)
While watching the others jump I had to prepare myself and talk myself into a calm state each time. Getting confidence while watching the others free fall until hitting the water.

On the last jump, the 50 footer I had to go first. It was something I thought about the entire time.
After the instructor jumped I stood at the top and tried to think why I was up there again. Why am I jumping? Why did I make this decision? What the hell was I thinking?
I turned around and saw my friends encouraging to not think about it and just jump. I look down at my mom who is waving with a big smile and the camera in her hand and then I look down, down down down down at where I hope to land. After a few more deep breaths calming my body and trying to clear my mind I turn to the group and say, "I'm going to Birthday the shit out of this!" then I jump.... I fell for what seemed like the forever! (Maybe 3 seconds). You'd think falling would be a flash and you're in the water but I even had enough time in my brain to think, "Wow, I'm falling for a long time. Aren't I there ye.." and SPLASH!
I came up confused and lost.
"I know I need to get out of the water! I can not breath and my head hurts. I think I'm half blind, am I missing a contact? Can't breath! Why can't I breath???"
When I looked down to see how much further I had, the impact hit my head really hard and threw me back. I somehow face planted off the waterfall!!
Even with face planting, which is really funny to say, I'll still do it again! Maybe not next weekend but I will be jumping off before I leave Samoa.
Everyone else landed fine and the videos are fun to watch.
After the shock wore off I felt higher than I was before I jumped. I did it! I jumped off a 50 foot waterfall and lived to tell the blog!
It was an amazing way to start my 24th year in this world! I wonder how I'll be starting my 25th.

Getting ready to jump!

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  1. wow, seems immensely fun ((:: you're a nut-job ;) happy belated birthday ms madi