Saturday, June 8, 2013

13.1. It's a joke right?

Zach, Chris and I chatted the day before the race asking each other, "Are we really doing this?" "This is a joke right?"
I have never ran that distance before in my life. I trained and the most I ran during training was 9 miles, once. My goal for the race was just to finish.
Early that day of the race Zach has already started an hour before us. He was running the whole marathon while Chris and I were running half. We started out steady together in the dark cool morning and within 2-3 miles he sped up where I then started my run on my own.
So impressed with him! 
Amazing supporters!
The first 6 miles were a breeze and enjoyable. I felt strong and confident. As Chris was passing me on the way back he informed me I was in 3rd place (out of the 11 women running). Obviously that boosted me up more and I then got the "runner's high." I could go forever with a smile on my face. A bit after hitting the half way point I started to loose faith in myself. I was slowing down and even started to walk at times. I kept thinking, I'm in 3rd I can not let that woman get in front of me! I could not even see her but that did not stop me from looking back. I was pushing, pushing, pushing to keep going, go faster, can not let her beat me. I got anxiety and was uncomfortable. I had to win! My brain was doubting if I could even do it, my thoughts became negative and I was miserable.
Woot woot! 
I then ran past a village, "Letoge" and it reminded me of my mudra from previous meditations which then kicked into effect. "Let Go."
I took extra deep breaths, repeated the mudra in my head a few times and felt a huge weight life from my body. I completely, "let go," went at my own pace and when the woman passed me for 3rd I could not have been more relieved. I was not running the race to win, I was running the race to finish. That was my goal and once it came back into sight I started to enjoy my run again.
Next year I will have a stronger goal, I will beat my time and can possibly even place but this year I accomplished my first 1/2 marathon!
Christ took 8th place out of everyone (30+ runners) running the 1/2 marathon and his time was 1.50 hours . Go Christ!
For the whole marathon first place was a famous Samoan runner, second place was a Navy guy visiting and third was our very own Peace Corps Volunteer, ours truly Zach!
So proud of both my boys and am VERY excited to run in a relay with them in September!
Ally and Kate met us at the finish line which was amazing to have such support! Thank you ladies! You being there meant a lot more to me than you will even know!
I ended up running the marathon in 2.31 hours. A slow steady pace. I took 4th place and could not have been happier. I finished! I ran 13.1 miles and am ready to do it again!

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