Thursday, January 3, 2013

Arch Bishop's Birthday

Arch Bishop's Birthday

My friend Lutheran PCV friend Brad's host family is Catholic, which means Brad is now Catholic for the next two year. His whole family is very religious and that includes his Uncle who happens to be the Arch Bishop! Not just the Arch Bishop of Samoa but the Arch Bishop of all the islands in the South Pacific! The Arch Bishop turned 60 this year. Samoans do not celebrate most birthdays. 21 is a big age and solid numbers like 30, 40, and up are worth celebrating. With our luck not only was the Arch Bishop turning 60, a number worth celebrating, but he was having a birthday party the same week we were near the capital for New Years!
Ms. Catholic
We were invited to go as special guests and it was an experience I will never forget. I have mixed feelings about this party, it was the biggest celebration I have ever seen. The entertainment was mind blowing! Brad was asked to perform, another reason we were invited and he was amazing! He played the violin while a famous singing nun sang then he played the piano and sang with his brother. His brother can reach chords I did not know existed!
Santa. YUP!
There was a Canadian Brass Band, top performers dancing, singing, a parade with a a marching band  going through the building and a jeep with Ms. Catholic Samoa in it. Oh and Santa made an appearance .. Santa was also in the parade.
Their drink and my drink!

The food was amazing! The best food you can get in Samoa! There was really nice wine and amazing cake! He got cases and cases of beer for a gift that was displayed when you first walked in. Who else knows what was given. I can not even imagine how much was spent on this party. The decorations were over the top with balloons and fancy seating. That is where my missed feelings come in, how can you spend so much of the church's money when your country is in poverty?? (Not positive but pretty sure that's where the funding came from, that or the families from the church, which is the same thing). Yes I understand how massive his title is in Samoa but a parade? Was a marching band really necessary??
Milly, Madi and Brad.

It was extremely entertaining and I have not gone to a concert or performance in over three months so that was a nice break. Plus it was wonderful to watch Brad perform and wow the crowd with his talents. I do not think very many Samoans have ever seen a real violen, let alone hear one being played. It was beautiful and I feel so lucky to have been apart of it. My friend's Uncle is the Arch Bishop, ha ha oooooh the connections being made in Samoa.

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